Jest For Clowns Summit


All 2-day JFC Summit 2023 participants are entitled to take part in the Jest For Clowns Summit 2023 private Facebook group. Recorded sessions will be posted in the group for you to replay for up to 14 days after the event is held. 
On February 21st, only 2-day tickets will be available (if we still have space on zoom) for $120.00.

Seize the opportunity to learn from the best in the family entertainment business—real people who’ve built their businesses as world-class talent. They’re ready to share their hard won knowledge, insights and help make your journey in clowning a shorter learning curve!

Jest For Clowns Summit, sponsored by Whether you’re a novice clown or an experienced professional, you’ll be inspired by the staff and their massive content—12 hours (45-minute zoom sessions). Once you order tickets, join the private Facebook group. Attend at least 10-12 sessions and receive your certificate of completion.

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy refreshing and inspiring clown education and lots of laughs with splendid instructors who’ve enjoy vast careers as performers—at a fraction of the cost of traveling. Check out the massive value in these 12 sessions! Once you learn some of these skills and tips to improve your clowning, you should be able to recuperate the cost easily in your next paying gig.


Prop Making for Dummies with Brenda Marshall
PST 10:00am
         MST 11:00am         CST 12:00pm         EST 1:00pm
Basic, beginning, easy prop construction. You don
t even have to construct some of these props. You just have to keep your clown eyes open at all times!

Your Show in a Suitcase with Greg McMahan
PST 11:00pm         MST 12:00pm         CST 1:00pm         EST 2:00pm
Mister Greggy McMahan is an expert at planning and performing an entire comedy-packed show from a suitcase. Pack small and play BIG!

Wearable Balloon Awesomeness with Kynisha ‘Daisy’ Ducre
PST 12:00pm
        MST 1:00pm         CST 2:00pm         EST 3:00pm

We will bring a third dimension into wearable balloon art! Bring your feathers, flowers, glow sticks, headbands and more, to upscale your balloon magic. Perfect for beginner and intermediate twisters who use 160s, 260s or 360s! Lets twist the hour away!

Finding Purpose as a Humanitarian Clown with Bryan ‘Bullseye’ Lee
PST 1:00pm
         MST 2:00pm         CST 3:00pm         EST 4:00pm
I will talk about what aspects each humanitarian trip should include (love, peace, etc). What to do when you enter a room (hospital or big space like an orphanage) and how to communicate without words.

Taking Your Performance to the Next Level with Timothy Simpson
PST 2:00pm
         MST 3:00pm          CST 4:00pm         EST 5:00pm
ll learn how to become memorable. Tips on how to make your routines better and even showstoppers. Learn why joke files; pacing; big openers, and presenting unique material are all crucial to your success. Learn how to take talent and skills and make them entertaining.

Simple Secrets to Easy Ventriloquism with Jackie Reynolds
PST 3:00pm
           MST 4:00pm       CST 5:00pm         EST 6:00pm
Are you amazed when a puppet
speaks by itself? Insider secrets are revealed as Jackie teaches how to make a puppet talk, without moving your lips. The basics youll need to know as you master your own 2-minute bit of ventriloquism. Bring your favorite puppet, or just bring yourself.


Using and Choosing your Clown Nose with    Chad Stender (Red Nose Factory)
PST 10:00am
         MST 11:00am     CST  12:00pm         EST 1:00pm
Chad discusses the crucial task of picking your nose and how to find the perfect shape for your character as well as the fundamental parts of a clown nose and how to use it well. Join him as he shares what he has learned in his fifteen years of using and making these amazing little masks.

Spring & Easter Face-painting with Loretta Kava
PST 11:00pm
         MST 12:00pm         CST  1:00pm         EST 2:00pm
Spring is the start of a new year for any face painter and with so many events, now is a great time to start. With Easter coming up, a few quick and easy crowd-pleasers are all you need. Whether face painting is your main performance art or a side offering, Loretta will show you designs you can master for this spring season.

Finding New (Relevant) Comedy in Classic Routines    with Christopher Hudert
PST 12:00pm
         MST 1:00pm         CST 2:00pm         EST 3:00pm
Are you doing a routine that
s lost its sparkle and appeal for both you and the audience? Do you have a favorite routine, but its so outdated or so over-done youre afraid to present it? Does that joke in the center of the routine even make sense to a young audience today? Maybe your body doesnt work like it used to, or youve lost your performing partner. How do you overcome those obstacles and still present your material? Come see how to revisit, renew, redo, rework, and most importantly    revive    old material for fresh appeal.

Comedy Magic for Clowns and other funny peeps with Barry Mitchell, sponsor
PST 1:00pm         MST 2:00pm         CST 3:00pm         EST 4:00pm
Wow-fully Funny! Wow them with magic and keep them laughing the Barry Mitchell way. Barry is known for easy-to-perform magic for children
s entertainers. Discover the principles he uses and how they will work for you. Answer the important questions in life like . . . What is conflict energy? How can my show benefit from GLUE? Who took the last piece of pie? Join    Jest for Clowns Summit 2023    to learn this important stuff YOU WILL USE in your shows. This presentation has been approved by the Society for Pie Preservation.

Laugh & Learn: Writing Entertaining Educational Material with Randy Christensen
PST 2:00pm
              MST 3:00pm              CST 4:00pm         EST 5:00pm
Randy shares practical insights into developing message-based programs for schools, libraries, and events. Learn how to develop routines, visuals, audience participation, structure and targeted marketing strategies for various venues.

Seasonal Characters with Tami Sue Hindes
PST 3:00pm
              MST 4:00pm              CST 5:00pm         EST 6:00pm
Creating characters for every occasion all through the year
Fairy, Cupid, Easter Bunny, Patriotic characters, Mother Goose, Halloween themes, Mrs. Claus, elves, even a Victorian storyteller. Tami Sue will share how and when she markets her seasonal characters.


Is writing a Book on your Bucket List?
Leslie Ann Akin and Jan Bear with guests Ron Severini & Taylor Moss
PST 4:00pm
         MST 5:00pm     CST 6:00pm         EST 7:00pm
Whether you
d like to write your memoir or share your expertise were here to walk you through the process of getting started and staying on track to completing and publishing your book.

Bonus #2:    PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Recordings of these sessions will be available to paid participants for 14 days after the event, on a private Facebook group, so you can watch the sessions again to catch anything you missed the first time. You can ask questions and comment in the group, and interact with other participants.

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